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Thread: calculating backup folder

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    Default calculating backup folder

    any formula to calculate backup folder if I want to create a LUN for it?

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    Hello malayo,
    do you mean you need to calculate the size of all the backups?
    If you are using the Network Edition, by default the backups are stored in the /opt/zimbra/backup/ folder.
    You could just do:

    du -sh /opt/zimbra/backup/

    to find out which size has.

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    My server has around 150 users. I do not have a mailbox size limit and my attachment size limit is 10MB. My backup folder has 30 days worth of backup files in it. Some of my users have very large mailboxes (20GB). I still can't convince them emailing yourself a file is the best way to keep a backup.

    Here are my directory sizes:

    Zimbra Usage (/opt/zimbra) *Minus Backup Backup Folder

    Zimbra Backup Usage (/opt/zimbra/backup)

    I've set my backup directory in a 500GB datastore mounted directly to /opt/zimbra/backup to ensure i have plenty of space. Since i have roughly double the space i'm considering pushing my backup retention to 60 days. We are currently running Network Edition v6.

    Hope it helps

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