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Thread: 'Some services are not running' in Zimbra Administration page

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    I'm still having the issues, the cron jobs that jakala said are executing normally.

    Jul 15 12:12:01 mail CRON[17389]: (zimbra) CMD (/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstatuslog > /dev/null 2>&1)
    Jul 15 12:14:01 mail CRON[18371]: (zimbra) CMD (/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstatuslog > /dev/null 2>&1)

    Anyone found a fix for this?

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    >Zimbra needs to have better user support... I'm not even going to bother posting how I fixed my issues.[/QUOTE]

    Nice way to help others out. Everyone should at least post the results and solution when ever possible so that there aren't so many dead ended threads leading to no answers.

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    Default Worked!

    I just wanted to let others know that this worked for me. After making this change all services show in a healthy state in the Web Admin Console.

    Quote Originally Posted by jakala View Post
    I had the same problem,

    I found it was due to the absence of zimbra crontab who launch an regulary interval the process /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstatuslog responsible of the server status reporting in the administration console.

    My installation is Zimbra 8.0.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits

    I don't know why this crontab was not created during the installation, but here is what I do to correct it :

    1. give access to zimbra user to the /opt/zimbra/zimbramon/crontabs folder :

    2. log as zimbra user

    3. Concatenate all files in this folder

    4. create the zimbra crontab

    Once it's done the command crontab -l will give somethink like that :

    Once it's done, your server status will be update after some times ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf-LoJ View Post
    I've also noticed services not running since upgrading to 8.0.2 however, it's a new server named localhost above the correct server. zmcontrol status is fine:
    [zimbra@tifa tmp]$ zmcontrol status
            antispam                Running
            antivirus               Running
            ldap                    Running
            logger                  Running
            mailbox                 Running
            mta                     Running
            snmp                    Running
            spell                   Running
            stats                   Running
            zmconfigd               Running
    Here's an image of how it looks. The server seems to be running fine, but anything red surely can't be good!

    Attachment 5396

    Please any one help me...............




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    Its because of the misconfiguration of snmp.. snmp name need to be same while configuring zimbra servers

    Check snmp name on both the nodes I think those are different

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