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Thread: Multiple account administrators same domain

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    Default Multiple account administrators same domain

    Hi all,

    I would to know if it is possible to add multiple administrators
    and one domain where each administrator:

    1. Have limited amount of mailboxes (that can change)
    2. Is responsible for creating and removing
    mailboxes created by him
    3. Can be granted more mailboxes
    4. Can't see others administrators accounts

    Is it possible?
    If not, is there other solution that can fit my needs?


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    Why have you posted this in the Zimbra Desktop forums? I'll move it to the correct forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by r00tm4n View Post
    If not, is there other solution that can fit my needs?
    If you'd searched the forums or read the Product Documentation you would have found that this is only possible in the Network Edition of Zimbra. I belive that forum member has written (a limited) Domain Admin interface fo the OSS version that might do partly what you need, search the forums for details.


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