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Thread: Problem with Zimbra 8 Briefcase, part of doc with russian text deletes after save

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    Default Problem with Zimbra 8 Briefcase, part of doc with russian text deletes after save

    I have installed Zimbra 8.0.0_GA_5434.FOSS and it appeared that when creating document in Briefcase in Russian (Cyrylic) and try to save it zimbra cuts off the last few words or symbols. That is why it is impossible to use it because you cant save correct information. When typing text in English saving is ok , but zimbra adds few symbols like </

    Can somebody help to solve this problem?

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    У меня такая же проблема... как решить не знаю, у вас получилось решить эту проблему?

    I have the same problem ... I do not know how to solve, you will have to solve this problem?
    Version Zimbra - 8.0.2 on SLES11 SP2
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