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Thread: Upgrade to 7.2.1 -> 8? What's the improvements?

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    Default Upgrade to 7.2.1 -> 8? What's the improvements?

    Is there someplace that articulates the improvements in 8.0 over 7.2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottChapman View Post
    Is there someplace that articulates the improvements in 8.0 over 7.2?
    How about the Release Notes, Product Portal, Zimbra Blog or even the Zimbra main page and the Product Documentation?


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    our company ZCS servers have approx. 2000 noob user.
    here is what they reported to me (positive and negative too):
    + Webmail is faster than before
    + Its working with IE8 without slowing
    + I can attach multiple attachments at the same time
    - Where is the check email button???!! (dont see the new button in the right corner)
    - I dont see any printing icon (need to click twice, or push the 'p' button, but its too complicated for a noob)

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