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Thread: how to get the same with "Zimbra Connector for Outlook" for ZCS Open Source

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    Default how to get the same with "Zimbra Connector for Outlook" for ZCS Open Source

    Hi every Pro,
    I'm a newbie in Zimbra, i have just build a ZCS Open Source Edition server, i know that with this version i don't have Zimbra Connector for Outlook
    However, in my small company, we need a soft that can help every user can share them Outlook calendar, i mean A user will have B's calendar, if A user update his calendar event that will be updated to the server automatic and when another user (B user) who had shared this calendar, he can be automatic update this event in A calendar at B's outlook (B have 2 calendar, one is A calendar, one is B's calendar) (the same with WorkgroupShare in Softalk..

    Now my company is needing a soft like workgroupshare but it works good with zimbra, open source (free)

    Everybody, who knows it? plz help me.

    Thanks you (I'm sorry about my English so bad)
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    Using Funambal server/client with your zimbra server is the only option, but its always been a alpha/beta product to me.

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