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Thread: [Help] Important Mails Found in Junk

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    Lightbulb [Help] Important Mails Found in Junk

    Hi all,

    I often found emails from my colleagues in my junk box. (Zimbra Open Source edition 7)

    For example, my email address is My boss' is And the Zimbra server is working for
    And I found an email from in my Junk.

    Isn't weird? Zimbra marks an email sent by itself as a spam.

    I couldn't resolve this problem even I have added to the White List. (with MMORSE's method from how to build a white list?)

    I'll appreciate for any suggestion.


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    IP Address whitelisting - Zimbra :: Wiki might be what your looking for.

    A lot of spam will pretend to be from so adding your domain to the spam assassin whitelist will potentially let in a lot of spam

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    Thanks Alto.

    I've done the changes. Hope it can resolve my issue.

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    Whitelist or follow me

    You should change the percent of the AV/AS in "Configuration—>Global—>AS/AV—>Kill percent and Tag percent"
    Default they are 75 and 33, you can increase them according to the behavior of your mail system.
    Infact, 75x20=15 33x20=6.6 .If a mail get score ≥6.6, then it will be Taged as Spam, if the score is above 15, the mail will be killed.

    More question? Just contact with me.

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