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Thread: 8.0 No Longer Supporting Ubuntu??

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    Default 8.0 No Longer Supporting Ubuntu??

    According to:

    Q. Which platforms are deprecated with the release of Zimbra 8?
    A. With the release of Zimbra 8, Zimbra no longer supports Ubuntu
    10.04 (64-bit). Refer to the VMware Zimbra Collaboration
    Server 8 System Requirements Guide for the up-to-date list.

    However, there is a download link for Ubuntu 10.04. Is this a misprint, or do I need to start testing a new platform?

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    They are probably just going to support 12.04, but not 10.04 since it's older.
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    The FAQ states 10.04 will be unsupported, however the release notes mark it as deprecated. Given there is a 10.04 bundle for download with 8.0.0-beta5, I would be quite surprised if they dropped the 10.04 build during the beta period.

    I've been wrong before however.

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