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Thread: Server error : no such folder id :

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    Default Server error : no such folder id :

    Hello all,

    I migrated from zimbra 6 to zimbra 7 (that was very esay; thanks to all). But now, when I connect to the admin console , under configuration/domain and then I click on my domain , I get the following error :

    Mail : no such folder id: 12 Code d'erreur : mail.NO_SUCH_FOLDER Method: [unknown] Détails :soap:Sender

    could it be a problem of an old account that was not deleted ?


    Ok, I solved the problem. It seems that in Zimbra 7, the notebook account doesn't exist anymore, so I had to remove the old notebook account by the following command : zmprov md MyDomain zimbraNotebookAccount ""

    Thanks to D0s0n who found the solution in this post :
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