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Thread: Zimbra can't reach specific internet IP but works fine for everything else...

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    Default Zimbra can't reach specific internet IP but works fine for everything else...

    I have a strange issue where I can't ping a specific internet IP from my Zimbra VM. DNS resolves correctly and the IP in question is pingable from every other computer that I've tried it on on my network. And zimbra has no problem pinging/mailing to other mail servers (at least afaik).

    The IP is another mail server and according to it's a reliable address (not flagged a spam source or anything like that).

    I have ufw turned off and the IP is pingable from the Hypervisor that the Zimbra VM lives on.

    Appropriately the Zimbra.log reports "Connection timed out" for mail sent to this IP, but like I said it's pingable from every computer but the Zimbra mail server.


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    not really a zimbra issue but it could be that your zimbra server triggered something on the remote system that has it blocked. One question

    Is your zimbra server the same IP externally as the rest of your network? Like here, every pc has the same nat address, but our mail server has a static nat of a different ip address.

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