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Thread: ZCO SOAP Failure

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    Default ZCO SOAP Failure


    We've recently change our gateway and since then, we are enable to send emails with Outlook 2010+ZCO
    Before this change everything was working fine and perfectly. If we put back our old gateway it's working great again.

    Those ports are oppenned to the mail server :

    25, 80, 110, 143, 587, 993, 995

    Here's the error I get :

    Message from Administrateur système :

    Erreur : Impossible d’envoyer ce mail.
    Remarque : Problème au niveau du protocole SOAP : Veuillez recréer le mail et relancer son envoi. Détails de ce problème :
    Code de l’erreur : mail.SEND_FAILURE
    Texte de l’erreur : SMTP server reported: MESSAGE_NOT_DELIVERED

    Webmail and zimbra desktop are working properly.

    Thanks in advance for your precious help !

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    ZCO uses port 443.

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