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Thread: Trouble after increasing attachment max upload size

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    Default Trouble after increasing attachment max upload size

    I've set the max size of attachments by using


    and i've restarted zmcontrol

    Now i can make messages much size instead of default, but i still can't send it with error: message file too big

    zimbra@MailServer: /opt/zimbra/log> zmprov gacf | grep Size
    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize: 44040192
    zimbraGalLdapPageSize: 1000
    zimbraGalSyncLdapPageSize: 1000
    zimbraMailContentMaxSize: 44040192
    zimbraMailFileDescriptorBufferSize: 4096
    zimbraMailFileDescriptorCacheSize: 1000
    zimbraMessageCacheSize: 2000
    zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize: 3000
    zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize: 44040192
    zimbraNotebookFolderCacheSize: 1024
    zimbraNotebookPageCacheSize: 10240
    zimbraRedoLogRolloverFileSizeKB: 1048576
    zimbraRedoLogRolloverHardMaxFileSizeKB: 4194304
    zimbraSoapRequestMaxSize: 15360000
    zimbra@MailServer: /opt/zimbra/log>

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    What's your message_size_limit setting in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ ?

    If it's not set(line doesn't exist), it defaults to 10Mb.
    I have 50MB attachment limit and message_size_limit = 51200000

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    line exists but it was on default value (10mb)
    i've set correct value then restarted
    and it works correct!

    big thanks!

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