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Thread: Sizing for a LIVE environment

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    Question Sizing for a LIVE environment

    We have started with Zimbra with 20000 accounts and later on increased the accounts to 35000.

    Can i find out the following from our server through any attributes?

    1.Total Incoming messages per user/day
    2.Total Prespam Incoming Messages per user/day?
    3.Total Postspam Incoming Messages per user/day?
    4.Total Outgoing messages per user/day?
    5.Average Message Size (KB)?
    6.Percentage of Messages with attachments?
    7.Average Attachment Size (KB)?

    Please help!

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    I apologize for the bleak reply but I figure it's better then nothing, if you logged into the mysql server, you could do a query for the average attachment size and message size I believe.

    What version is the version of Zimbra your using?

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    You want to look into zmstats and zmchart. Search the wiki.


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