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Thread: How to run zmprov ma on all users?

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    Default How to run zmprov ma on all users?

    I would like to run a zmprov ma command on all user accounts.

    I have already tested that this works:

    zmprov ma zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled TRUE

    This sets the "Include addresses in shared address books" in the preferences which unfortunately is not a setting in the Class of Service in the Web Administration Panel.

    I would like to run this for all users though. Can I use a "*" to run the command for all users?
    zmprov ma * zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled TRUE

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidkillingsworth View Post
    I would like to run a zmprov ma command on all user accounts.
    You'll need to use a script to apply this to all accounts.


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    for account in $(zmprov -l gaa); do
       echo "ma $account zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled TRUE"
    done | zmprov
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