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Thread: How to enable Webproxy after installation and configuration

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    Default How to enable Webproxy after installation and configuration

    Hey Folks,

    I installed zimbra in a distributed environment where I have Zimbra proxy is set up on different server and Mailbox on other. While doing that I only enbaled proxying for POP and IMAP. Now I would also want to enable reverse Proxy for Webmail, any clue how that can be done? And where that needs to be done? On Proxy or on MailBox?

    Proxy IP =

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    you can use the program /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfig

    the syntax can be a bit confusing, but i think it's the same as the previous util zmproxyinit which is documented on teh wiki for instance this page

    Enabling Zimbra Proxy - Zimbra :: Wiki

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