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Thread: add resource error

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    Default add resource error

    OK. New Zimbra install. Want to add a resource.

    I get this error...

    A distribution list, an alias, a resource or an account with the specified name already exists. Please choose another name.

    There are no resources or aliases yet assigned. My guess it is complaining that the email address already exists. But isn't the email address there to alert some EXISTING user that a resources has been assigned?


    By the by, I haven't found anything but the sparsest documentation on adding resources and field requirements. Any good documents on this?
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    Default A distribution list, an alias, a resource or an account with the specified name

    i also got this but when i clicked on page 2 i did have the resource added it just displays the first 25

    BTW is it possible to add a resource using a zm command

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