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Thread: RBL effectiveness

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    Default RBL effectiveness

    Following the Zimbra Admin Guide I enabled the RLB's with the following command:

    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRestriction reject_invalid_hostname zimbraMtaRestriction
    reject_non-fqdn_hostname zimbraMtaRestriction reject_non_fqdn_sender
    zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client” zimbraMtaRestriction
    “reject_rbl_client” zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client” zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client”
    zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client” zimbraMtaRestriction

    How can I tell if these rules are working? Does it log when an incoming email matches an entry?

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    Have a look in the logs for rejected messages - /var/log/zimbra.log


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    It is effective. However, it takes a bit of your bandwidth and get your mail processing much slower (esp during peak hrs).

    Been using RBLs before, but not anymore. Bare with the spams first and keep learning Zimbra SA via zmtrainsa. Also manual training also helps! Via online spam db.

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