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Thread: Upgrade to 7.1.2 Massive Failure

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    Glad you are back up and running!

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmogu View Post
    hi all,

    Here is what I did to get around my issue - it may be of some use to someone in the future.

    1. I had an old backup that was 6 months old. I restored this and upgraded it to the same zimbra version as the corrupted one.

    2. I copied the data and db and store directories from the corrupted installation to this recovered one.

    3. Started the recovered zimbra no problems.

    4. Used imapsync to sync the accounts to a new server.

    Thank the gods that this worked ! I've had a horrible weekend with no end of calls about emails not working. Moral of this story is ...


    Once you have a disaster like this you'll never skimp again
    Just for future reference, where exactly are the DB, data, and store directories located at?

    Also how did you use imapsync for the accounts? Did you have another server with the accounts already made for an older mail server or something?

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    store, data and db directories are all under /opt/zimbra

    I recreated each domain and user on the new server. I set the account passwords on the old server and new server to something common.

    I used imapsync as follows :-

    #make sure passwords are the same for both accounts
    export PASS=password 
    for i in account1 account2 accountN ; do 
    export ACCOUNT=$; 
    imapsync --host1 --user1 $ACCOUNT --password1 $PASS --host2 --user2 $ACCOUNT --password2 $PASS --noauthmd5 --tls2; 
    You may have to change the --noauthmd5 and --tls2 flags depending on your server setup.

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