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Thread: "On behalf of" how can it be removed on child accounts??

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    Exclamation "On behalf of" how can it be removed on child accounts??


    I have a ZCS 7.1.2 .
    I have accounts with several child accounts in them. When I try to send a message from child accounts, the recipients recieve a email with "Primary Account<> on behalf of Child Account <>"

    How can I remove that?
    I want that the recipient to see only child account as the sender...

    Thank you

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    you could resolve this issue by adding the following line to the /opt/zimbra/conf/ file:

    /^Sender: / IGNORE
    and restart zimbra.

    Send on Behalf

    This modify could not be sufficient, than you have to set to FALSE the 'zimbraMtaBlockedExtensionWarnRecipient' attribute:
    [SOLVED] Headerchecks

    Hope this help

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