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Thread: Set alias as primary address from cli

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    Default Set alias as primary address from cli


    is there a way to set an alias address als primary address from cli?
    We authenticate our users through active directory, user ids are like lastnamefirstname. For adding new users to zimbra, I use a python script I found somewhere on the internet, that works great.
    Our mail addresses should look like firstname.lastname, no problem to create this alias using the python script. But is there a way to set this alias as the primary address when adding a new user by cli?

    Thank you!

    Regads, Stefan

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    Hi Stefaan,

    you can add your users from cli with zmprov command, directly in the form fistname.lastname@domain without password:

    zmprov ca fistname.lastname@domain ""
    and for autentication purpouse you can set the ldap-bind user by setting the zimbraAuthLdapExternalDn attribute:

    zmprov ma fistname.lastname@domain zimbraAuthLdapExternalDn lastnamefirstname@AdDomain
    Obviously, these commands can be merged on only one command:

    zmprov ca fistname.lastname@domain "" zimbraAuthLdapExternalDn lastnamefirstname@AdDomain
    Have a nice day.
    Cine - Community Manager - ZeXtras

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    Thank you, works great!

    So we have about 700 new Zimbra users (migrated from Cyrus/Squirrelmail).

    Regards, Stefan

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