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Thread: Seeking more info about self-signed SSL Certificate use in Zimbra

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    Default Seeking more info about self-signed SSL Certificate use in Zimbra


    I installed the Open Source Edition of Zimbra some time ago. Examining my certiricate it appears that when I installed the self-signed SSL certificate was created for a 6-month time period. It has now expired... which has lead to some breakage in the operation of some of the Zimbra CLI tools.

    So... I've located the info on getting rid of the old cert and generating a new one... but I'm wondering:

    1) If I do go through the process as documented...
    here: that going to create yet another self-signed certificate that is good for 6 months time?

    Will I have to keep doing this over and over every 6 months?

    2) If yes to that last question, is there a way to generate a new self-signed certificate with a longer time period? Say... 3 years.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Scott Dowdle

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    That certificate was initially generated with an incorrect expiry date, the new ones from zimbra expire after 12 months. You'll need to generate a new one following the instructions you've mentioned. For more on certificate expiry have a look here


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    Here is what I did:

    Certificate Days???

    This should answer your question.


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