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Thread: Is support on vacation or something?

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    Default Is support on vacation or something?

    Have a case opened with Support over a month ago. Last response back was "let me run thru the rest of our team" back in July 20th.

    Since then, NOTHING. We updated the case several times, called several times, even tried via our account manager.

    No call backs, no responses back from support. Only the account manager finally decided to reply after 2 weeks and 3 emails asking for a status with resetting my password in the support portal so I could enter a ticket.

    I'm so ready to take the 10K accounts elsewhere...

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    For the record, I've also had poor response from support within the past couple months. It's gone to crap.

    If you'd like to share any details of the issue you're having (if its not a known issue where you require a patch), we (forums) might be able to help.
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    We are having problems with our provisioning scripts when testing against the latest 6.x version. Seems to be a bug.

    Did post it in the Developer forums, but didn't get any responses. Details here: SOAP API changes from 5 to 6?

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