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Thread: collect mail rom zimbra using pop3

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    Default collect mail rom zimbra using pop3

    Finaly I have installed zimbra in ubuntu server. Then I 've been trying to collect mail from Zimbra using a pop3 client. I keep getting an error message: sending of username did not succeed. Mail responded: only valid after entering TLS mode.

    I've tried changing each of the POP3 settings on the server but can't clear the error.

    I can turn on SSL on the client and get a successful login. But, I have users out there that won't know to do that when we convert to this server.

    Is there a postfix config option I need to manually add?

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    maybe this could help you.

    Log in admin console, and go through global setting-> pop tab, here check the option 'zimbraPop3CleartextLoginEnabled'.


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    zmprov mcf zimbraPop3CleartextLoginEnabled TRUE

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