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Thread: New 7.x Recover Deleted Items Feature - How It Affects Storage?

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    Default New 7.x Recover Deleted Items Feature - How It Affects Storage?

    According to the docs, the recover deleted items feature keeps an item in storage 30 days after it's been removed from trash. Is that a correct understanding?

    So we have a rule that says items are automatically removed from trash after 30 days. Does that mean if I delete an item from trash at the 29 day mark. It will be available for another 30 days through the "Recover Deleted Items" feature?

    This will affect storage to some extent with some trash possibly being in there up to 60 days. Does it continue to affect a persons quota when it's in this deleted (but not quite) stage?

    Stage 1: I delete a message and it goes to trash (still affects quota)
    Stage 2: I delete a message in my trash folder, and it goes into the "recoverable" state, but it's not in my trash folder anymore. (this affects quota?)
    Stage 3: Gone forever....

    What about things that expire through the automatic method (after 30 days here). Are those recoverable for another 30 days? Or does this feature just affect items that I manually remove from trash myself?

    Lots of questions, just want to make sure I have a good understanding of this new feature.


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    I am also waiting for the answer form any zimbra guy... Is there any?

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    i'd actually like to know this as well....

    on a flip side - is there a zmprov command that you can run to force remove items in someones "recover deleted items" list?

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    In ZCS 7.x dumpster folder is default disabled.

    The settings are part of the COS:

    su - zimbra
    # zmprov getCos default|grep -i dumpster
    zimbraDumpsterEnabled: TRUE # it must be TRUE value
    zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime: 30d # (mail / briefcase / calendar, etc)

    In my opinion Dumpster folder (feature) check the user quota value, because the dumbster items are still in /opt/zimbra/store/ user folder (I'm not 100% sure because I don't use current quota value for my users) - this is easy to check it, if you have enabled quota feature.
    Dumpster feature works like the next level trash folder.

    It' s best practice for me is changing the value zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime max 30 days to max 7 days.

    Please read this post also: [SOLVED] zimbra 7.0 dumpster
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    Automatically delete messages after a time (zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime) probably doesn't work correctly.

    After a lifetime of messages and files from the briefcase are still to recover
    # ZCS 7.1.3 SLES11 SP1

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