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Thread: ZCS OS 7.1.0 Send mail later schedule stops

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    Default ZCS OS 7.1.0 Send mail later schedule stops

    I upgraded to 7.1.0 (from 6.?? via 7.0.1) and Iīm happy to have this "send mail later" feature. But it doesnīt always work as expected. Everything I write now applies to using Zimbra Desktop 7 with a Zimbra Mailbox:

    If I close the Zimbra Desktop server by clicking "Cancel" on the tray icon and then restart Zimbra Desktop, the scheduled mail still shows up in the "Drafts" folder, but not as a scheduled mail, but as a normal one. This also happens if you restart you computer and the mail hasnīt been sent in between (because the scheduled time isnīt reached).

    This even happens if you click on the draft mail (not double click!) to see the content on the right side. If you then reload the drafts folder, the mail is no more marked as scheduled.

    In my opinion this is not what a user expects.
    ZCS Open Source Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.DEBIAN5_64
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    Quote Originally Posted by tabster View Post
    Everything I write now applies to using Zimbra Desktop 7 with a Zimbra Mailbox:
    I'll move this thread to the correct ZD forum.


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