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Thread: Managing Mailboxes

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    Default Managing Mailboxes

    I have a number of uses with 20gb Mailboxes, these are senior manages who quota's were not applied to... but it's getting beyond the point where I am happy for them to be allowed to self manage their mailbox sizes.

    I want to get them under control but I need a way to a) get a total size of mail attachments in a mailbox and then b) be able to strip all attachments from a mailbox from the cli.

    it would be nice if i could do this by file type, ie pdf's etc. I think a majority of these attachments are building plans we keep on file anyway, they should not be being kept in our mail system and I can't seen to educate these users about this.

    Any idea's how to manage this and get them back down to a point where I can give them 6gb quota's.

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    this thread might help you a bit with a few suggestions

    Batch Deletion/Removal of Attachment > X Mb

    but yeah there is nothing in zimbra to batch delete attachments yet much less discriminating by type

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