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Thread: System wide alert

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    Default System wide alert

    Is there a way in Zimbra to make an alert or banner message that would appear on the page of every user that logs on?

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    I'm not a coder so this may not be the answer but how about creating your own theme, with a banner in that. Details of themes are in the wiki.


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    Not sure if making a theme would allow me to create dynamic messages. I'm looking more for a broadcast type feature so I can have alerts saying things along the lines of "System will be down for maintenance from Sat-Sun". And I'd like to inusre anyone logged in would see it, irrespective of theme.

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    Default As far as I know

    As far as I know, that's not available. I've been meaning to put something in bugzilla about it too, but just haven't gotten to it. Maybe even just a zimlet or something?

    The problem is, this would require everyone to have to use the web client. Maybe a better idea would be to have something that would do a direct lmtp inject into everyone's mailboxes, or something, so that it is guaranteed to get to everyone on the system?

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