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Thread: Sanctioned way to remove old backups

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    Default Sanctioned way to remove old backups


    Is there a sanctioned way to remove old backups ? I can't seem to find an option to delete a given (selected) backup job from the backups listed in Zimbra's admin console.

    Is there something like this in Zimbra (Network Edition) or should I really just go to /opt/zimbra/backup and remove the file representing the backup I want to delete ?

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    There's the zmbackup -del command that you can use to delete backups older than a certain time:

    from zmbackup --help:

    -del,--delete <arg> Deletes backups including and prior to the
    specified label, date (YYYY/MM/DD[-hh:mm:ss]) or period (nn{d|m|y}).

    zmbackup -del

    for a specific backup though, I don't think there is any way other than just deleting the directory. As long as you're not deleting a full backup upon which incrementals are based, I don't think it should have any issues.
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