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Thread: mails moved to a special folder should be automatically printed out

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    Default mails moved to a special folder should be automatically printed out


    How can Zimbra be configurated in such a way that mails who are moved to a special folder, are than automatically be printed out?

    Thank's a lot for any feedback.


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    In my opinion this has nothing to do with Zimbra.

    What you could do is have your users move mail to a specail folder or a special user's folder, or even have a special user you send mail to

    Then using fetchmail and some funky scripting you could send the mail to a printer.

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    Default Zimlet?

    Another option is to write up a zimlet. For example, you can drag conversations or messages onto this zimlet which could send a SOAP request to move the conv/msg to a specific folder (or you could even prompt for one) and then dump the contents into a new window which would call window.print() to initiate the print dialog (this is how zimbra handles printing).

    Obviously, you'll need to be a good JS hacker to make this work but it can be done.
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