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Thread: Load Avg of 12! 200% CPU on java process!!

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    Default Load Avg of 12! 200% CPU on java process!!

    My '/var/log/zimbra.log' has around 11000 instances of this: Dec 3 13:22:49 benjamin postfix/cleanup[19872]: 681DD20E8CA8: message-id=<9fwhl5yj8gkymchrbv39kfb2.1291384368446@email.a>

    I ran zmcontrol stop/start and that fixed the problem temporarily but it then came back.

    What can be done? My server is staying at a load average of around 8 and the server is of course extremely slow.

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    If its the same message in the queue, you may just have to manually delete it out of postfix's queue.

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