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Thread: Zimbra Admin not loading only Front-end interface loading

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    Default Zimbra Admin not loading only Front-end interface loading

    Hello there,

    when I try to login into zimbra admin the page cannot load, but if I want to login into the email interface the page loads and I can type admin username and password and everything works well. I stop the firewall, I stop the selinux, I run zmvcontrol status and all services are running but still I cannot access the admin page. I would appreciate if someone can help me.

    PS: IP tables are disabled as well.

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    hi .. whats the status on this? Which version are you running? Unfortunately none of the threads that address this issue ends up with a fix.
    Atleast can anyone say what could be causing this? It happens with just one account in my server. NOT a browser issue, it happens with all of them. I can't believe this has come a long way till 6.0.9.

    This is what shows in firebug, Error: this._childDiv is undefined
    Source File: https://zmhostname:7071/zimbraAdmin/...v=101115214812
    Line: 19840

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    same here! still no solution or even attempted ones? i have the exact same dilemma.

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