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    Is it normal, when the Dailyreport registers ip address from the local LAN?

    Host/Domain Summary: Messages Received (top 50)
    msg cnt bytes host/domain
    -------- ------- -----------
    5 13041
    4 8856
    3 7523
    And show this:

    top 50 Senders by message count
    50 from=<>

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    Quote Originally Posted by micasrafael View Post

    Is it normal, when the Dailyreport registers ip address from the local LAN?
    Yes, if it can't do a DNS lookup for the hostname or domain name.

    Quote Originally Posted by micasrafael View Post
    And show this:
    Probably the same reason as above. You could actually check the log files (which is where the Daily Mail Report gets it's information) and see what details are in there and you should find it corresponds to the report.


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    Just a note: the "from = <>" is usually spam emails the server saw that didn't even bother to specify a from field. At least that is what I have seen on my server as the most common cause of those lines.

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