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Thread: 6.0.8: New>Distribution List - "list name" field missing

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    Default 6.0.8: New>Distribution List - "list name" field missing


    In 6.0.8, when a domain administrator goes to
    New > Distribution List

    the first field, "list name" (in which you enter the list's email address), is no longer visible.

    A user reports that the field is actually there but is set to "visibility: none". They say they can use Firebug to change the visibility.

    The field IS visibile for the server administrator, just not for domain admins.

    It was working fine in 6.0.5 (the version from which we upgraded).

    Does anyone else have this problem? I've searched bugzilla and the forum to no avail.


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    Default Confirmed

    Same issue just came in... See attached screen shot.
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    Yep, that's exactly what we see.

    We've opened ticket 00058722 with Zimbra Support about it.
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    I was able to reproduce this behavior using gstimson's delegated admin grants.

    Those of you seeing this same behavior, please add your delegated admin grants to the following bug:

    Bug 50785 – Delegated admin losses "List As" Field

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