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Thread: Removing (or changing) X-Originating-IP

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    Default Removing (or changing) X-Originating-IP

    I'm trying to remove X-Originating-IP as it's using the IP address of the router on the edge of our network, and the reverse DNS doesn't resolve to the hostname of our Zimbra server. I think this is causing some of our outbound email to be rejected by servers.

    I set zimbraSmtpSendAddOriginatingIP correctly on both mta's:
    zimbra@mta1:~$ zmprov gacf | grep Originating
    zimbraSmtpSendAddOriginatingIP: FALSE

    Performed a zmcontrol restart on both mta's as well.

    This header is showing up on email to my Yahoo account:
    X-Originating-IP: []

    I would rather not have that ip address showing up in the headers at all. Any way to do that?


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    Not sure about zmprov, but it's easy to turn off in the admin GUI.

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