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Thread: Export Zimbra MailBox to .PST

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    Unhappy Export Zimbra MailBox to .PST

    Dear All Zimbra's Master,

    I Need Help to Export Zimbra User Mail BOX to .PST, I really dont know why zimbra can Import from PST of Exchange Server to There but cant in reverse.

    I got Big trouble I must get User MailBox From Zimbra and Take all data to Exchange Server ?

    Please Help Me ASAP

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    1. Instal Outlook and Outlook to Zimbra connector.
    2. In Outlook export/save (or whatever they call it) emails to pst
    3. success

    This is probably the only way to do it. When you import mails from pst to zimbra you also need computer with outlook instaled.

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    this isnt the only way but youll gonna need outlook
    you do not need nessesarly the connector. you can use imap instead and copy those mails to a local outlook folder

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