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Thread: [SOLVED] No bounce on large attachments

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    Default [SOLVED] No bounce on large attachments

    I noticed I am not receiving any bounce messages after sending big attachments through outlook.

    I press send, it sends ok, I see the message in incomming for a second or two and then nothing.
    Like the message went into a black hole.

    I have the default attachments/message sizes and the biggest that I sent and that got delivered was 5.6mb

    Sending zimbra -> zimbra

    Is there anything special I need to enable to get a bounce on big messages?
    I looked through the admin interface and only see notify on rejected extension (checked) and under AV, send notification (checked).
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    As for letting larger messages through, you'll have to adjust both the max message size and max upload size. (Configuring maxmessagesize - Zimbra :: Wiki)

    For the bounce messages, does it bounce if a message it sent from outside of your server that's too big?

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    When we moved the server in production, the alerts actually started to work.

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