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Thread: How does one use zmprov to create Calendar EVENTS?

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    Question How does one use zmprov to create Calendar EVENTS?

    After searching through the information returned from running
    "zmprov desc -v calendarResource | less"
    I am inferring that "createCalendarResource" does not actually create "EVENTS"
    It is meant to create a Conference Room or a Projector Resource that is scheduled out FOR an event.
    At this point in time the only discussion I see in forums about Events are related to ICS files.
    Can someone elaborate on how to Batch Create Calendar Events?

    I am trying to migrate from ATMAIL.

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    I've never tried it for calendar events, but for email messages I use zmmailbox and have an RFC822-compliant file as input. I would think an ics file would be a good first try.

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