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Thread: some configuration after installation

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    Unhappy some configuration after installation


    I have win 7 system and i setup centos 5.4 into my vmware

    and then I install zimbra network edition nothing error during installation

    my local ip

    hosts file : localhost.localdomain localhost my

    i can get email from out side and inside but i cant send outside of server...
    for example i try to send mail to and it return to my inbox like this :

    <>: host[] said: 554 5.7.1
    <[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied (in reply
    to RCPT TO command)

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    mhm - There are many posts about that problem in the forum
    -> relay access, smtp auth

    I think you have to set up authentication for your relay server.

    Take a look at : Outgoing SMTP Authentication - Zimbra :: Wiki .


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    thank you very much..

    i will search with your information...


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