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Thread: Fast way to get all accounts and aliases?

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    Default Fast way to get all accounts and aliases?

    I need a list of all accounts and aliases for a script I am writing. I have a one-liner that looks like it will deliver the goods but it is incredibly slow (one hour and counting)...
    for i in `zmprov -l gaa`; do echo "$i"; zmprov -l ga $i | grep -i "MailAlias" | sed 's/zimbraMailAlias\: //gi'; done | sort | uniq
    When I use the admin web interface I can see lists of accounts and aliases almost instantly. So how does the admin interface do it? I would like to get these lists from the command line at a similar speed. Is this possible?

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    Quick'n'Dirty and not a one-liner.

    rm $tempfile1 $tempfile2 $tempfile3 2> /dev/null
    for i in $(zmprov -l gaa); do 
      echo "ga $i zimbraMailAlias" >> $tempfile1
    zmprov < $tempfile1 > $tempfile2
    awk '{ print $2 }' $tempfile1 > $tempfile3 
    egrep -v '^prov>|^$' $tempfile2 | awk '{ print $2 }' >> $tempfile3
    sort -u $tempfile3
    rm $tempfile1 $tempfile2 $tempfile3
    Need 16 secondes for over 400 accounts. Instead of run zmprov for each account to get the zimbraMailAlias zmprov use the $tempfile1 for command input. Therefore zmprov is only run twice.

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    Thanks for the speedy and detailed response! I'll give that a try.

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