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Thread: zmbackup: authentication failed

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    Default zmbackup: authentication failed

    I noticed after setting up backups with the default schedule using, "zmschedulebackup -D " that no backups were occurring. I ran the zmbackup command as the zimbra user from the command line and noticed this error message:

    zimbra$ /opt/zimbra/bin/zmbackup -f -a all
    Error occurred: authentication failed for zimbra

    The following shows up in /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log :
    2006-08-15 13:53:50,032 INFO [http-7071-Processor49] [ip=;] security - cmd=AdminAuth; account=zimbra;
    2006-08-15 13:53:50,034 WARN [http-7071-Processor49] [ip=;] security - cmd=AdminAuth; account=zimbra; error=authentication failed for zimbra;

    It appears the zimbrabackup java component is generating the message. This is Zimbra NE 3.1.4 on Mac OSX 10.4 on PowerPC.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?


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    Somehow your admin password is not set right. Since this is a network feature you may want to just email and they can walk you through that.
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    Default ZimbraBackup

    Can you tell me where ZimbraBackup package is in the Zimbra source?

    Good luck in everything!

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    It's a Network Edition component.

    Some FOSS backup methods are listed here: Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki

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