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Thread: zmmailbox pru timeout?

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    Default zmmailbox pru timeout?

    I'm trying up upload a decent sized (10meg) ics file into a user's calendar. I'm constantly getting Read Timed Out errors.

    Here is my CL:
    zmmailbox -z -m pru /PrevCalendar?fmt=ics /tmp/

    And the results are:
    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (Read timed out) (cause: Read timed out)

    Is there a better way I should be doing this?

    Alternately can I split the ICS file up and import the pieces without ill effect?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottCall View Post
    Is there a better way I should be doing this?
    Did you resolve the problem?

    I'm sure you know this wiki page already (the example is for contacts ,at the bottom of the page)..other than that I have no other suggestion for now.

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