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Thread: [SOLVED] auto-complete domain in login webmail

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    Exclamation [SOLVED] auto-complete domain in login webmail

    Our zimbra implementation was fine, but today when users tried to login, they have a error. Looking in log I saw this error "user xxx (for example), account not found" . Users input only the username and password, now to login in fine, they have input username with domain and password. The version installed here is 6.03. How can I return to the first situation, users only input username and password to log in?

    Example: Before - users input in webmail:


    Somebody could help me, please?

    Sandro Cardoso

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    Just setup your main domain '' as the 'default domain' under the 'General' tab in the admin UI under Global settings.
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    Elese you need to set virtual hosts and use that for webmail.

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