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Thread: [SOLVED] Contradictory Wiki info on ZCS 5.0.18?

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    Default [SOLVED] Contradictory Wiki info on ZCS 5.0.18?

    One thing I don't understand from the wiki at ClamAV - Updating clamd for releases earlier than ZCS 5.0.16 - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Zimbra includes ClamAV 0.95 as of ZCS 5.0.18+. The clamav-0.95.1 directory from an installed ZCS 5.0.18 or later installation can be copied directly to an earlier ZCS 5.0 server. To upgrade ClamAV, perform the following steps:...
    I have newer version of ZCI - 5.0.2 and an older version of Clamav than indicated above - I have clam .92 with my install. It's contradictory to what's stated above.

    So, if I do the Clamav upgrade following the above, will there be any problems?

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    5.0.2 is a lot older than 5.0.18.

    Which is why your version of ClamAV is 0.92 instead of 0.95.

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