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Thread: how to define white lists in anti-spam service ?

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    Default how to define white lists in anti-spam service ?

    hi all !

    Many users are reporting to have many good mals at the spam tray.

    Most of that emails come from the same sender; always a trusted user from our own company.

    The NOT SPAM button seems to not be working; we all mark that mails as not spam but it doesn't change that behavior.

    So the question is: is there any way to define a list of domains or specific senders that are trustable and never send spam ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    you should put your version in your profile.

    according to this bug Bug 6953 – Per user white & black lists in the UI per-user whitelists and blacklists are available in the UI. have you tried that? (i'm not running 6 yet so i can't say too much about it)

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