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Thread: Mail status sync issue in blackberry

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    Default Mail status sync issue in blackberry

    Hi Guys,

    Mails read on Blackberry are marked as read on Outlook but the ones read on Outlook are not marked as read in Blackberry when reconciliation is done..

    I have gone through below link :

    Blackberry Professional - Couple of Sync issues

    But in our case ..the issues is that even after doing the reconciliation, mails are not marked read...

    Please suggest.


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    Uh ? How is this related to Zimbra; especially as you quote Outlook and your ZCS version says FOSS ?

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    Hi Uxbod,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Oh yes ..u r mistake..I am using open source version and offcourse outlook without connector and using BIS for blackberry..

    Actually I thought, as mentioned link after doing reconcilation, latest status should get sync between all clients ( outlook / blackberry) and zimbra server..

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