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Thread: Print e-mail list?

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    Default Print e-mail list?


    I have made a quick search on the zimbra site but have not located anything relevant.

    After doing a cross-mailbox search for legal discovery, our attorney would like a printout of the e-mail information, much as you see in the inbox display, i.e. date, from/to, and subject. There doesn't seem to be a way to print this from the user interface, but I was wondering if it could be extracted by program from zimbra. Has anyone done this sort of thing or have any suggestions or pointers for where I can find information on a programming interface for this sort of information.



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    Any news about this feature? Today I received the same request from an user.
    Or should I open an RFE?

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    I'll repost part of my remark on the RFE:

    Would it be more useful to have a CSV export function instead of a print function for a given folder/search/view? I'm assuming that the dev workload of a CSV export would be smaller than HTML print formatting, although not by much; it would also have the added benefit of allowing subsequent sorting of emails by column in a spreadsheet program.

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