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Thread: Changing hostnames

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    Default Changing hostnames

    I have a 2 server zimbra cluster, and I need to assign a new hostname to each of the nodes in the cluster. It shouldn't have any effect on the mail domain, but the ZCS services speak to each other by hostname. Is there anything that I should keep an eye out for as I change these hostnames? Should I reinstall Zimbra on top of the existing install in order to get ZCS to know about all of the new hostnames properly? or is there a better way?

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    I should have mentioned in my initial post (I should writing these things in such a hurry) that I had seen that wiki article, but that it is the parenthetical in step 8 that has me concerned:

    (Those in multi-server setups: Be sure to change any corresponding references to the old hostname & restart services on all hosts)
    I'm not sure how to do that part.

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    Not sure but I think it relates to /etc/hosts changes on all servers.

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