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Thread: Troubleshooting

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    Run the web client with "?dev=1" on the request to run in "Development Mode". That way, the zimlets + zimbra web client JS code won't be obfuscated and you'll get more descriptive function/parameter info than "r=e[c]".

    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guideeveloping Zimlets - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Well, undeploying and redeploying the zimlets did away with that error and brought about a new one. "ZaPosixGroup is not defined"

    Redeploying the posixaccount zimlet did away with that error and now I see no errors in firebug but still they do not display.

    I didn't get a chance to try ?dev=1 while the error was still present.

    And now the only "errors" I see in firebug are Aborted soap requests.

    It seems to me that there is a problem in how zimlets get installed.

    Why would undeploying then deploying result in errors occurring then vanishing?
    Nothing in the files has changed...

    Actually with ?dev=1
    IE still shows : Expected identifier, string or number {ref:ZaSambaGroupMapping.A_isSpecialNTGroup,
    trueValue:1, falseValue:0,
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    I was able to cause the same error by removing the zimlets, restarting mailboxd, redeploying the zimlets, first samba, second posix then restarting mailboxd again.

    with ?dev=1 the error now reads

    elements is undefined

    The function that elements is in follows:
    The relevant line is: comp = elements[cid];

    function(components) {
    	for (var i = 0; i < components.length; i++) {
    		var cid = components[i];
    		// don't resize logo image (it will tile) or reposition it (centered via style)
    		if (cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_BANNER) continue;
    		//DBG.println(AjxDebug.DBG3, "fitting to container: " + cid);
    		var cont = this._containers[cid];
    		if (cont) {
    			var contBds = Dwt.getBounds(cont);
    			var comp = this._components[cid];
    			if (
    				cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_APP_CONTENT || 
    				cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_TOOLBAR_TOP ||
    				cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_TOOLBAR_BOTTOM ) {
    				// make sure we fit the component that's current
    				var elements = this._views[this._currentView];
    				comp = elements[cid];
    			if (comp && (comp.getZIndex() != Dwt.Z_HIDDEN)) {
                    var y =  contBds.y ;
                    var h =  contBds.height ;
                    if (AjxEnv.isIE && (!this._isAdvancedSearchBuilderDisplayed)) {
                        //bug  22173: IE hacking. Seems that the banner image size screw the height in IE. Maybe a small banner image on IE is the final solution?
                        //Also the advanced Search Builder expand/collapse will also affect the display behavior. WEIRD! 
                        if ( cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_TREE )  {
                            y += 8 ;
                            h -= 5 ;
                        }else if ( cid == ZaAppViewMgr.C_CURRENT_APP ) {
                            y += 5 ;
    				try {
                    	comp.setBounds(contBds.x, y, contBds.width, h);
    				} catch (ex) {
    					ZaApp.getInstance().getCurrentController()._handleException(ex, "ZaAppViewMgr.prototype._stickToGrid", nul, false);
                    this._contBounds[cid] = contBds;
    				//call the components resizeListener to rearrange the component layout
    				if (comp._resizeListener) {

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    Here's a specific post about zimlets __deployement__ troubleshooting How to troubleshoot zimlet deployment ?

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