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Thread: Removing the 'delete'-button for calendars.

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    Default Removing the 'delete'-button for calendars.


    I wonder if there is any way to disable the 'delete'-Button for calendars.
    In my setup users are created by a ldap-sync-script, and calendars are shared from and to all other users. Therefore it would be great to prevent users from (accidentally) deleting one of these shares.



    PS: Sorry for my bad english, i'm from austria

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    Welcome to the forums

    Are you concerned that a user who has a shared calendar connected will delete it ? You could try and change the permissions on the mount :- Zmmailbox - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Thanks for the fast reply.
    Well, the shares are mounted read-only. So I think there is no need to be concered about the calendar itself.
    The issue is that users can delete their mountpoints from the GUI and I have to re-create them all the time. As far as I can see permissions only affect the connected calendar but not the mountpoint itself, right?

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