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Thread: Briefcase files

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    Default Briefcase files

    Hi to all,
    I've just installed Zimbra Open Edition.
    It works great, but soon I have a question:
    where are the Briefcase files stored?
    I've checked on the filesystem and into mysql, but no luck...
    Any hints?


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    They are stored in the message store like emails. I don't think you'll actually find the raw files in there since they are probably encoded.

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    So what is the easy way to mass dump in files? Do them one by one in web? Use webdav that doesn't seem to work at all on mac and on windows has sketchy non latin character support?

    On the system we are migrating FROM - we could scp the files in. Now 5 years later as we migrate to zimbra - there seems no way to do this direct addressing..?


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